Arduino Board Open Source Projects for Beginners

Bought Your first Arduino?Then you might be a little confused with what you can do with your Arduino or where to start exploring it.Well, there are no limits to using Arduino, as it is an open-source platform.The variety ranges from 1000’s of simple Beginners Arduino Projects to Highly advanced complex Arduino Projects.

These 50 Beginners Arduino Projects will definitely get you started with our Arduino with Simplest Arduino Projects which will ease you into learning Arduino Electronics, Robotics, and Programming.

We will start from the most basic to a little advance that will give you a clear idea of projects with Arduino, and divide these Beginners Arduino projects into categories like LED related Project, Sensor related Project, Motor Related Projects and the most requested projects like RC cars.The only things you need are Arduino, LED’s, Jumper wires, Motors, and Sensors.

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Let’s Explore!!!


Catagory LED

1.Arduino LED on/off with button-This Projects is the Most Basic and a starting point, if you are completely new to electronics and Arduino.Turn On and Off your Led lights with Arduino, Buttons, Resistors, and LEDs.

2.Arduino Led Blink and Fade-Make Led’s Blink with time or Fade the Led by just your Arduino and Resistors.

3.Arduino Traffic light-Design your Miniature Traffic Lights with Red, Green and Yellow Led.Arduino Processes which light is to be turned On.

4.Arduino LED dice-Bored of Throwing those Cube Dice?Then this is perfect for You.Make an Electronic Dice with 6 LEDs and Arduino.Click the Button, and the Led’s with show you a random number.

5.Arduino RGB LED-Want to See Produce all Colours with just one Led, then in this project you can, with an RGB led, some resistors and Arduino

6.Seven Segment LED Display-If you want to display 0-9 numbers or make a countdown timer, then this is the right Project.

7.Arduino LED Christmas Tree-A fun and cool Project where you Build a miniature Christmas tree with LEDs and Arduino.

8.Arduino Vu-Meter-In this Project Led’s Dance at the beats of Music.This is a really cool Project.All you need is some Led’s, Resistors, Sound Sensor and Arduino

9.Arduino Police Lights-Police Lights!!Yeah, program your Arduino to Show Red and Blue Police lights with some Led’s

10.Arduino Disco Lights-Make a Disco Lights which react to Music with a sound sensor, some LEDs, and an Arduino.

11.Arduino Led Game-This Project is a simple Led Game that you can make with Your Arduino

12.Arduino LED Matrix-Create A Led Matrix somewhat like a screen where you can display Alphabets text etc.

13.Arduino Led Brightness Controller-In this Project you can simply control the Brightness of Led with your Arduino.

14.Arduino Clock(Innovative)-Make An Analog Clock with  12 LEDs and Arduino.You can later Hang the watch on your Wall.

15.3x3x3 LED Cube(Innovative/Cool)-If you have Large Led Cubes, then this is a small version of it.This is the coolest of all Led Projects.

Catagory Bluetooth

16.Arduino Bluetooth Tutorial – Learn How to use and control Arduino with Bluetooth Module(HC-05 or HC-06) using your Smartphone

17.Arduino Bluetooth controlled LED-Turn your Led Light On and Off with your Smartphone using Bluetooth and an Arduino.

18.Arduino Bluetooth RGB LED Control-Change Colour of your RGB Led with your Smartphone Bluetooth and Arduino

19.Arduino Bluetooth Car-Every one wants to make their own RC car, so in this project, you Make Your own RC CAR that you can control with your Smartphone using Bluetooth.

20.Arduino Bluetooth Voice Control-Control LEDs or anything you want to with Your VOICE!.This project will teach you how to control anything with voice using Your Smartphone with Bluetooth.

21.Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Lamp-Control Your Table lamp with Bluetooth using Your Smartphone.Now you Don’t need to use those Switches.

22.Arduino Bluetooth Home Automation-Control Your House Appliance like Lights, TV etc with your Smartphone and Arduino.

23.Arduino Voice Controlled Robot-Integrate Voice control In any of your projects and Make Your own Voice controlled Robot.Refer to project 20 for Tutorial.

24.Arduino Bluetooth Robot-Make a Robot that you can control Right through your smartphone with Bluetooth.

25.Arduino Bluetooth Temperature Meter-Measure Temperature of Your Room and the Project.

Ultrasonic/Sonar Sensor

26.Arduino Distance Measuring Tool-Measure distance without using a ruler with Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino.

27.Arduino Ultrasonic Mapper-This Project uses Ultrasound to make a Map of any room with an Ultrasonic Module, Motor, and Arduino

28.Arduino Obstacle Avoidance Car-Make a Car that avoids Obstacle in its path with the help of Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino.

29.Arduino Radar-This a Cool Project where you can make your Own Radar to spot object in your path using Ultrasonic Module

30.Arduino Maze Robot-This Project is Really a very cool Project where you will make a Car/Robot which solves a Maze.This Project has a bit complex Programming but it is Fun making it.

LCD and OLED Display

31.Arduino LCD Display Message-Learn how to use an LCD Display with an Arduino to display a Message/String on it Easily.

32.Arduino Distance Meter with LCD-Display the Measured Distance from an ultrasonic module on your LCD display.

33.Arduino Temperature Meter with LCD-Measure the temperature using DST sensor and display it on the LCD screen.This will help you to make use of temperature Sensor.

34.Arduino LCD Clock-Make a Digital Clock that displays Realtime Date, Time, Year.

35.Arduino LCD Alarm Clock-Make a Digital Clock with alarm that will replace your old Analog Clocks on Desk.

36.Arduino LCD Tachometer-Build a Simple Machine that counts RPM of any rotating object using IR sensor and displays it on the LCD screen.

37.Arduino  LCD Stopwatch-Make a Diy Stopwatch using your LCD Display to count down seconds.

38.Arduino OLED Display Tutorial-Learn How to use an OLED Display and its Libraries with the Arduino, so you can create your Projects using it.

39.Arduino OLED Clock-A simple OLED Analog Clock Which displays Date, Day and Time

40.Arduino OLED wrist watch-Make your own Digital Arduino SmartWatch that connects to your Phone using an OLED display

Catagory Motors

41.Arduino Wireless Car-Make Your own Wireless CAR that you can control with your Smartphone using Bluetooth.All you need is 2 Motors, Motor Driver, Batteries, Bluetooth Module and Arduino.

42.Arduino Line Follower Robot-Make an Arduino Controlled Robot that Follows a Line on the Floor with some Basic Electronics and some coding.

43.Arduino Maze Solver-This Project is Really a very cool Project where you will make a Car/Robot which solves a Maze.This Project has a bit complex Programming but it is Fun making it.

Category Gyro+Accelerometer

44.Arduino Self Balancing Robot-Make a Two Wheel towered Robot that balances on its own by using data through Gyro+Acc Module and Processing it through Arduino.

45.Arduino Gesture Car-Make a Simple car which you can control with your Hand Gesture Using a Gyro Module and Arduino.

Category WIFI

46.Arduino Wifi controlled Relay-Use Relays with  your Wifi Module and Arduino and Smartphone to control High Voltage Devices

47.Arduino Wifi controlled Lamp IOT-Control Your Table Lamp with just a touch on your Smartphone.

48.Arduino Wifi Car-Make a Car that you can control with Your Smartphone Wifi easily with this Project.This is a similar project to the bluetooth controlled car, the only difference here is that you will be using Wifi Module.

49.Arduino Wifi Home Automation IOT-Control all Electronic Devices like Lights, TV, Toaster etc with your Smartphone and Computer

50.IOT Project-Connect your House over Internet using your Wifi and Arduino

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