Arduino Quadcopter

Arduino Quadcopter-Flight Contoller Schematics & Multiwii code

I received many comments over my Arduino Quadcopter Video on Youtube asking How to Build Arduino Flight controler For Quadcopter,So i deceided to make this Guide.If you have any questions after reading the steps you can write them in the comments section. Parts Required Arduino UNO/Nano GY-521(Cheapest available) Download and ...
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Arduino Board Open Source Projects for Beginners

50 Arduino Board Open Source Projects for Beginners         Bought Your first Arduino?Then you might be a little confused with what you can do with your Arduino or where to start exploring it.Well there are no limits to using Arduino,as it is a open source platform.The variety ranges ...
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Arduino Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Range Detector Using Arduino and SR-04F

Want to Make a Tool that Measures Distance without using ruler,Then this Mini Project will be the best solution for it.Here we are Gonna make a Arduino Distance Measuring Device with a Ultrasonic Module similarly to a Bat.So lets Get Started!! Things you need:  Arduino  Ultrasonic/Sonar Module HC-SR04(  LED  Breadboard ...
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Arduino Voice Control

Arduino Projects-Voice Control for Everything

Want to control your household Appliances or Projects with Voice?Then the answer is yes,this can be done just by using your Smartphone,Arduino and a Bluetooth Module without       using any voice recognisation Module costing Hundred's of Dollars.The working is very simple,we use a smartphone application that used google voice ...
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Arduino Brushless Motor

Control Brushless Motor using Arduino

Ever thought of controlling a ESC a.k.a Electronic Speed Controller of a Brushless Motor without a Transmitter and Receiver or have a Project in which you want to control a Speed of Brushless Motor using a simple Circuit or Arduino ,then there is a way we can do it with ...
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RGB LED Arduino Projects

Control RGB LED using Bluetooth and Arduino

Want to change the colour of your RGB LED ,with your smartphone? Then this tutorial will show you how you can use Bluetooth and Arduino to change the Hue of your LED wireless in this tutorial we modulate the PWM duty cycle to produce different colours from your LED.To send a desired colour of your choice , we use a smartphone application,which allows you choose colours from a colour gradient palette,the data ...
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Arduino Vu meter

Making a Arduino Vu Meter using a Sound Sensor

Make Led's Dance at the Music with a sound sensor and a Arduino UNO Following the Beats of music with Simple code using basic Math.What is a Vu-Meter?If you don't Know what is a Vu Meter then,A Vu Meter is a device which displays representation of a signal level in an audio ...
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