Build Self Balancing Robot Using Arduino – Smartphone Control



Self Balancing Robot Using Arduino
Self Balancing Robot Using Arduino

right motor = STEP1 & DIR1

left motor = STEP2 & DIR2

GY-521 Pins:

A4 – SDA

A5 – SCL

RC control:

D2 – CPPM (PPM_SUM) (For Transmitter)

HC-05 Bluetooth Module Pins:



Motor driver pins:

  • D5 – STEP1 (PORTD 5)
  • D6 – STEP2 (PORTD 6)
  • D7 – DIR1 (PORTD 7)
  • D8 – DIR2 (PORTB 0)
  • D4 – ENABLE (for both)


This code isn’t written by me. Credits to Mahowik

His Video-


Parts Used

2 x NEMA 17 Stepper Motor-
2 x A4988 Drivers-
Arduino Nano-
Lipo Battery-
HC-05 Bluetooth Module-
GY-521 Module-
Prototype Board-
10cm Wheels-
M5 Rod-
Angle Brackets-
Screws and Nuts-


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