Tevo Tarantula Desktop 3D Printer Kit Review

The Tevo Tarantula is a 3D printer based on the design of Prusa i3. It features a starting build area of 200 x 200 x 200mm. The Tarantula can print in a variety of plastics and has a heated build plate.After using this 3D Printer for a while I can say that It is one of the best 3D Printer Available in the Market for its Cost.I have mentioned Below some of the Features that I loved about This printer

Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer
Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer

Best Packaging

After coming across different 3D Printer Kits, Tevo Tarantulas Packaging was the best that I’ve ever Found.

High Profile Aluminium Frame

Tevo Frame is made of High Profile Sturdy Aluminium Channels with a Matt Black Finish that makes it look way more cool than other printers with Acrylic Frame.less amount of Acrylic is used for the frame, so the chance of breaking any Part is very less.

Quality Motors

Tevo Tarantula comes with 4 Good Quality Nema 17 Stepper motors with 1.8 degrees of step angle.Tevo has only one Stepper motor the Z-Axis due to its lightweight x carriage, Unlike other 3D Printers.

LCD Display

It also comes with a 16×4 LCD Display, so one can quickly change the settings without any computer.It also allows to Change some EPROM settings like the acceleration, Feedrate etc.The LCD Display comes with a Rotary Knob which makes it easy to scroll/Switch between Menus.

Bowden Extruder

Use of Bowden Extruder over Direct Drive Extruder made the X carriage lightweight.Thus reducing vibrations in the Print along X-Axis.

Heat Bed
Heat Bed

Heat Bed

The Heat Bed on Tevo is capable of reaching 115-degree Temperature to prevent ABS wrapping.

8GB SD Card

The Package includes an 8GB SD Card, this enables to print without without any cables attached to the computer.The contents of SD Card can be Browsed through the LCD Display

Tools Included

This Printer comes with all the Tools that will be required to build it, i.e Allen Keys, Screw Driver, Spanner etc.

Very Less Noise

Unlike other 3D Printers in the Market, Tevo doesn’t use LM8UU Bearings, instead its uses sliding mechanism making the movements smooth and very less noisy.

Preloaded  Firmware

Tevo’s Motherboard comes with Preloaded Repetier Firmware.The Firmware is already setup with all settings like acceleration and Feedrate(These settings can be changed by the user through LCD).

Great Support

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Tarantula 3D Printer



3D Benchy
Tevo Tarantula Print
Tevo Tarantula Print

Tevo Tarantula Unboxing and Assembly

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